Hello! My name is Tomáš "Frooxius" Mariančík and I love to create stuff! Check out my work! :)

For the past several years, virtual reality has been the primary focus of my work. I have been developing novel experiences and exploring new uses of the technology for variety of purposes, from gaming and storytelling, education and popularization of science, user creativity and communication or capturing and reprojecting reality.

Some award info here.

NeosVR (neosvr.com)

My primary VR project - a VR universe for our ideas, thoughts and imagination, bridging the gap between people's minds and technology. It uses many novel technologies and approaches to create a dynamic virtual world that has a mind of its own, but grants you "superpowers" to change and influence this universe, creating your own experiences and sharing them with others.

SightLine (The Chair) (sightlinegame.com)

An award winning game prototype for the Oculus Rift currently in development. SightLine offers an unique world, where things change the moment you look away, placed on board the stellar station HeLiOs. Your task is to make sense of this surreal dream-like world and save the human race from the danger spreading through the universe.

Neos: The Universe (neosvr.com)

A standalone mobile VR experience developed for the 2015 Oculus VR Jam that shows you the entire universe within a few minutes, going from the scale of elementary particles to the whole observable universe.

World of Comenius

Virtual Reality educational software, exploring both uses of VR for natural learning and natural interaction with the virtual worlds, using the Leap Motion sensor. It has won a 3rd place in the Leap Motion 3D Jam:

Light Fields

I have worked extensively on impelementing light-field synthesis and redering for scene reprojection, especially for VR, making it possible to visualize things in realtime that wouldn't otherwise be possible to render in realtime. This includes blending light-fields in a scene with traditional 3D geometry and other light-fields.

Volumetric MRI visualization for VR

A demo of medical VR application utilizing volumetric rendering of MRI data from real patients, providing various tools to slide, highlight and filter the visuals for detailed analysis.

Orbis Exempli

A networked VR encyclopedia for Google Cardboard designed for use in schools. Teacher can control the experience for all connected phones, selecting models which can students examine in VR or AR mode using just a piece of paper for positional tracking and highlighting various elements. It's designed to take advantage of phones that students already have and be accessible.

Gaps Between Art

A puzzle game prototype created for the OUYA CREATE game jam, featuring unique gameplay, where you solve puzzles by painting.
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CardMatch 3D (cardmatch3d.com)

The "AAA title" of card matching games! (but actually indie :) ) It has many unique features: Power-Ups and Power-Downs, Customizable game rules, Online Multiplayer, Artificial Intelligence Opponents, 4 different themes and interactive environments and of course, fully in 3D!
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DeCalc (decalcgame.com)

DeCalc is a puzzle game that makes math fun! It's like reversed calculator - you get a result and your job is to arrange the buttons so when pressed in given order, you get that result. There are several twists and rules that enrich the puzzles as well.
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OverLight (overlightgame.com)

OverLight is an addictive game with an unique concept using glass blocks and laser beams - you break the right blocks, lasers get redirected and intersect, overheat and explode the blocks for which you receive points. You can even chain the explosions into combos, but you must think fast, the clock is ticking! Your goal is old classic: Get as many points as possible.
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Early Works

I've been creating games ever since I got my first computer when I was 12. My first attempts were of course very bad and full of awful mistakes, but my early games were a great learning experience - after all, we should learn from our mistakes. Here's a list of my early games (period 2003 to 2008) - at least the ones that survived if you're intersted how I started.
I've made many, many games. Some small, some larger, many of them lost. Two most worth mentioning are DeathFall and Tank X-Q5:

DeathFall Trailer (2008)

Tank X-Q5 (2006, my first 3D)

Video compilation of my early games (2003 - 2008)

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VR Solar System Model

This application shows a simplified model of the solar system with ability to render orbitals based on selected "center", primarily Sun or Earth. This allows to visually show differences between geocentric and heliocentric solar system models as well as the reason why heliocentric model replaced geocentric - the orbitals are much simpler. It was created to accompany a lecture about science.
Download coming soon!
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MusicString (musicstring.solirax.org)

MusicString is a programming language for writing simple tones and music using just a few ASCII characters, allowing easy sharing of such tunes via text-based media like webpages, forums, micro blogging services (e.g. Twitter), IRC chats or Instant Messaging. The goal is to provide a simple way to write music and tunes with as few characters as possible, while keeping the syntax simple and straightforward.

BitSqueeze (Download)

A silly lossy text compression algorithm that throws away the text capitalization information (as well as most special characters) to encode input string in a fewer output string characters. It's not a serious thing, just a fun thing I made one day to prove a point that you can "Write 8 letter word with 7 letters".


This section contains only selected content, to browse all my work, visit one of my pages:

Strawberry Growth Timelapse

I filmed strawberry growing for 40 days and speeded it up into 15 seconds :)

SightLine Prelude

Animated surreal sci-fi short that serves as a prelude to the story of my game SightLine

School as a computer game

Short animated film I created for the graduation ball at high school, with my classmates playing various games in real life.

How to make an ice cream - Nuthouse edition

A short film showing a whacky way to make an ice cream!

Intel ISEF 2012 through a finalist's eyes - Documentary

A short documentary of the Intel ISEF 2012, the biggest pre-college science fair in the world, through the eyes of a finalist (me! :3).

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  • Grand Award at Kaleidoscope VR Film Festival - Broad Green Pictures - SightLine: The Chair
  • 3rd place in the Oculus & Samsung 2015 VR Jam - Neos The Universe
  • 3rd place in the Leap Motion 2014 3D Jam - World of Comenius
  • MOST IMMERSIVE award in the 2014 Virtual Reality Awards - SightLine: The Chair
  • 3rd place in the Oculus & IndieCade 2013 VR Jam - SightLine
  • 4th Grand Award in Computer Science at Intel ISEF 2012 - Experimental processor architecture
  • 1st Place in Czech National Science Fair (SOČ) in 2011 - Experimental processor architecture


  • Proto Awards 2015
    • BEST MOBILE EXPERIENCE - Neos: The Universe
    • BEST INTERACTION DESIGN - World of Comenius
    • BEST GUI - World of Comenius
  • Proto Awards 2014
    • MOST TRANSPORTIVE - SightLine: The Chair
    • MOST INNOVATIVE - SightLine: The Chair
  • MOST SURPRISING - OUYA CREATE game jam - Gaps Between Art

Email: tomas.mariancik@solirax.com
Skype: Frooxius

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